Dear guys and may be also some girls, here on this page you can place a comment about our date, to tell also others which are interested in me and look at my homepage about your experience with me.

These comments are not managed. This means, what you will write is displayed at once without a check, after you send it. I do not have time to do that and I am sure that 95% are positive. Please take care with your words and consider that I am not a sex machine but a human girl which has sometimes different mood. If you were not satisfied, please tell me still when we are in bed together, maybe I can solve your problem with an additional hour or staying overnight instead of leaving.

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Tom Tom from Hong Kong wrote on January 2, 2019 at 7:27 pm:
Two different sessions with Isabel just wow. First we always had dinner together. She is really very special and unique among the girls. Excellent English and conversationalist. She is short with an unusually round bottom for Asian girls, but very firm everywhere because she is a dedicated gym rat. Just a really horny little tiger that knows how to be GFE or anything else you want. When she gets some toys it gets really interesting. Book at least 2 hours. You will not want it to end.
Peter Peter from Hong Kong wrote on November 27, 2018 at 7:25 pm:
Isabel is great. Even if you have not been with her, she will break your psychological and social barriers down and make you feel comfortable during the walk to the hotel . I had a plan, I was going to get her back for the tickle torture her and Anna Summer put me through only this time Anna was not there to help. We were talking about my job, political climate random jokes and as soon as we got into the room, GAME THE FUCK ON!!! We had not even gotten in the door and she had closed it before BAM she attacks me. From there we could NOT get enough of each other. So you can imagine what happened from there (Yes Shower was included). So the deed, the few things I want to hit on. Trying and failing horribly to be Christian Gray and telling her, that I am DATY first. It took some convincing before she said yes. Even from the bottom during Missionary, she was taking control, and gents the rear view. If you have not done it, DO EET!!! With as much fun as we were having 90 mins flew by FAST, and I regret it, though I and she had other plans for the night.